Treatments and cristalizadores

Abrasivos klindex

Abrasive klindex

Diameter 100mm
They include 3 units

Price: €44
Lija de Tungsteno diametro 450mm

Lija Of Tungsten diametro 450mm

Lija Of Tungsten diametro 450mm, for lijar surfaces of hormigon and open pore to paint again or treatments

Price €168
Kit manual de restauración de encimeras

Kit Manual of restoration of encimeras

Kit Of lijas adiamantadas more sponge of application for renewal of encimeras and difficult accesses.

Price of the kit complete: €21
REF: TRA0001
Plato de velcro Ø125 mm. para taladro

Dish of velcro Ø125 mm. For taladro

Dish of velcro carries lijas flexible of diameter 125mm for taladro, of big quality in his materials.

Price: €30.5
REF: TRA0002
Kit restaurador de mármol, 5 pasos

Kit Restorer of marble, 5 steps

Kit 5 steps of easy use composed by 3 lijas of diamond and 2 pads polishes, of diameter 125mm, for the restoration of encimeras or stairs of marble-terrazzo.

Price of the kit complete: €24
REF: TRA0003
Kit de diamantes, 4 pasos para restaurado rápido de escaleras y encimeras de mármol-terrazo-silestone

Kit Of diamonds, 4 steps for restored fast of stairs and encimeras of marble-terrazzo-silestone

This kit 4 steps accelerates the polishing of stains and lines to a finishing of mechanical shine in alone 4 steps, saving 3 steps of the 7 usual.

MEASURES: diameter 100
USE: only in humid

Price: €41/ the 4 disks
REF: TRA0004
Cristalizador extra duro

Cristalizador Extra hard

Cristalizador For marble, terrazzo and calcareous stone especially formulated for the vitrificado and maintenance of all type of surfaces with content in calcic carbonate. His exclusive formula allows a fast application, providing to the paving the impermeabilización necessary for a durable shine.

Price: €24/5 litres
REF: TRA0005
Cristalizador de alta calidad.

Cristalizador Of tall quality.

Cristalizador Of tall hardness, length and antideslizante. Designed to work with calcareous pavings (marble-terrazzo but some granite and stones basálticas) in normal conditions (dry paving) but also with humidity. Because of this quality turns into the cristalizador with prime matters of tall quality (synthetic) obtaining excellent results in rapidity, length and very tall shine.
Price: €19/ 5 litres
REF: TRA0006

Cristalizador no deslizante

Cristalizador No deslizante

Cristalizador For marble, terrazzo and calcareous stone especially formulated for the vitrificado of pavings with content in calcic carbonate, like marble, terrazzo, hydraulic paving, etc. Is indicated for surfaces with intense traffic and risk to the slide, like residences, hospitals, schools, etc.

Price: €19/5 litres
REF: TRA0007
Abrillantador Lozano

Polish Lozano

Product especially formulated for the polished of inaccessible places for rotary machines, such like corners, stairs, walls and tabicas.
Content : 1 L.

Price: €12.5
REF: TRA0026
Imper - 1

Imper - 1

Impermeabilizante-oleo repelente Synthetic of tall technology no tonificante.

PRICE: €26.5/Litre
REF: TRA0008
Imper - 2

Imper - 2

Impermeabilizante-oleo repelente Synthetic of tall technology if tonificante.

PRICE: €21/Litre
REF: TRA0009
Endurecedor de litio puro

Endurecedor Of pure lithium

It is a product of pure base of Lithium semitransparente. Can recess in 1/1, 1/2 or 1/3 parts of water according to need.
When it applies on the surface to treat,  reacts chemically with the hydroxide of calcium forming a permanent crystalline structure, therefore it improves the density  and hardness of the calcareous pavings.
1250 parts of ions of lithium.

Price: €14.5/litre
REF: TRA0010
Sellador de litio

Sellador Of lithium

It is a product of milky white colour of basic water, uses in pavings, stones, façades, etc. Through the polishing reacts chemically the sustrato forming a protection of tall shine, resistant to the abrasion and impermeabilizando the surface.

Price: €24/litre
REF: TRA0011

Pasta cristalizadora de litio

Paste cristalizadora of lithium

It is a product to use in artificial stones, soils of cement, concretes, etc. that they have lost shine, like this will recover the surface with a very tall quality of shine and protection.

PRICE: €40/kilo
REF: TRA0012
Endurecedor de litio eco

Endurecedor Of lithium echo

It is a product to use in artificial stones, soils of cement, concretes, etc. to consolidate and toughen the superfcie. Easy to apply and of dried fast. It save in a dry place and do not leave it exposed in the sunlight.
Maintain out of the scope of the boys.
Avert the contact with the skin and the eyes, in case of contact wash quickly with clean water.
Not mixing with any another type of chemical product neither product of polishing.

Price of garrafa 5 Litres: €25
REF: TRA0013
Antideslizante estabilizado

Antideslizante Stabilised

Product designed to produce microfisuracion in the pavings of gres-marble-terrazzo etc. and avert falls by resbalamiento.

PRICE: €16,50/litre
REF: TRA0014
Cera concentrada 5 Litros

Wax concentrated 5 Litres

Product composed of waxes of big quality for polished and protection of surfaces, can apply by means of mop or  mopa, as by means of rotary machine and disk of fibre or wool of steel. Can use also like intensificador of the shine after the crystallised.

Price: €33.5
REF: TRA0015
Aplicador profesional de microfibra

Professional applicator of microfibra

Applicator of 60 cm of area of work, manufactured in PVC of big quality, very light, of professional use ideal to apply lithium or any product, included mango of aluminium of 1,5 metres, handle of pvc  and a refill of microfibra, thanks to his system of velcro results very simple the substitution of refills of microfibra , the refills sell separately.

Price: €45 
Price refill microfibra: €8.5
REF: TRA0016
Colorante líquido para litio

Colorante Liquid for lithium

Container of 1 litre of colorante to mix with lithium, contrived for tintar and consolidate at the same time any type of surface of cement. Available in colour red, blue, green and black.

Price: €31.5/litre
REF: TRA0017
Pads diamantados para máquinas satélite, abrillantadoras y radiales

Pads diamantados For machines satellite, abrillantadoras and radial

Pads diamantados With the main mechanical shine of the market and tall length in all the machines. Have all the diameters for all type of machines, radial-scheme satellites-abrillantadoras-fregadoras etc.
Use number 1 (yellow) and afterwards the number 2 (green),if the soil is very rugoso and wants a perfect result, spend first with a dish carries-abrasive of vinyl, our disks of resin with diamonds. High performance in wet (also works in dry).
Price unit Ø125: €11.5
Price unit Ø330: €23
Price unit Ø500: €41
Price unit Ø610: €47.5
REF: TRA0019

Pads de fibra

Pads Of fibre

Pads Of fibre of all the colours and degrees of abrasividad, that can be used for heavy works of extreme dirt until stops polished of tall quality, of use in humid or in dry, available in all the  diameters, consult other measures.

Price unit Ø330: €7
Price unit Ø431: 10 €
Price unit Ø505: €13
Price unit Ø610: €16
REF: TRA0020
Fluosilicato de magnesio

Fluosilicato Of magnesium

Sack of 25Kg, to mix with water and give base to the surface for later polish with cristalizador. Clean and polishes, of use with rotary machine abrillantadora of soils.

Price take out: €80,00
REF: TRA0021


Putty of polyester in colour white-black-ivory for stone, marmoles and granites.

Price: €14
1,5Kg. REF: TRA0023
Lana de acero

Lana of steel

Sack of wool of steel of big quality in his manufacture and very clean of powder, special for decapar, clean and polish surfaces, use with rotary machines abrillantadoras, available grains 0-1 and 2.

Price take out of 4 rolls: €36
Price madeja: €11.5
REF: TRA0022
Plato porta-abrasivos de vinilo diámetro 505mm para máquinas de abrillantar

Dish carries-abrasive of vinyl diameter 505mm for machines to polish

Dish of vinyl carries-abrasive of diamonds for the restoration of soils of marble, terrazzo and concrete.

Have all the diameters for all the machines to polish of the market.

It does not absorb water and very resistant to the swipes.

Price Ø330: €31
Price Ø430: €52
Price Ø505: €66
REF: RES0025 - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat